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is a Kosher Bakery that specializes in creating desserts with influences from the owner’s backgrounds of Latin America. Kokoa’s desserts are customized to your dietary preferences including gluten-free and dairy-free options. Kokoa Desserts originated through two incredible minds, Monica Friedman and Frida Szkolnik.

The desire to create an innovative, yet original bakery came to life in 2015. Their collaboration has brought hundreds into their store, always leaving pastry lovers wanting more. Kokoa’s ability to customize mouthwatering desserts to your dietary specifications, including gluten free and kosher delicacies, make Kokoa one of a kind.


Co-founders Monica and Frida are the perfect batch of creativity and inspiration as they combine their expertise to create Kokoa. Their attention to detail and focus on creating heavenly desserts and table displays all began in Monica’s and Frida’s hometowns.

Monica established her roots in the baking industry in Venezuela, surrounded by generations of home cooks. Her appreciation towards baking and decorating food, molded her abilities in creating mesmerizing table displays. Monica’s vision for customized decorations both with desserts and when displaying sweets, is sought after by locals to create eye-catching themed arrangements, while having equally delicious sweets. Her diligence in creating spectacular events along with Frida’s baking expertise, combine to create unforgettable experiences.  


Frida’s baking career kick started with family, as well. She wanted to bake a cake for her daughter’s birthday and unlocked a new appreciation for baking. Soon after, Frida began taking cake decorating classes and opened the door to her interests in mixing, inventing, and creating from her mistakes. She continued to explore her baking education in Venezuela through pastry courses and dedicated herself to creating unique birthday cakes. Upon arriving to the U.S., Frida enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu College with a specialization in pastry. Her love for creating cakes and pastries that leave customers mouthwatering and her dream of finding a partner that was inspired to create a Glatt Kosher and elegant bakery came to life when she met Monica.

Kokoa is a refreshing combination of Monica and Frida’s love for pastry making. Together they have fresh-from-the-oven ideas that create irresistible and gourmet sweets. Glatt Kosher, customizable, and shareable desserts are Kokoa’s specialty.

Sink your teeth into one of Kokoa’s masterpieces today and savor it for yourself!



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